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    This blog is part of a class in A Sweet Savor Bible School. Those registered in this class are studying one Christian classic each quarter, and as part of their assignment must post their inspirations, reactions, help received, and questions here each week. If you are not part of the class, we hope you will enjoy reading what is here, but please refrain from posting in the blog itself. Rather, use the Contact the Instructor form located below.


    Blog Rules:

    1. Keep to the topic, which is your inspiration and appreciation of the book under study, questions about its contents, and the application of its contents.

    2. Add chapter and page numbers to your post to help others find what you are talking about. Since we may not all be reading the same version of the book, chapter numbers will help where page numbers don't match.

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  • Class Syllabus

    Winter Quarter, 2022

    Class: A Treasury of Christian Literature


    Instructor: David Shields


    • Mondays 7:30–8:30 pm (ET)
    • Dates: January 9–February 27, 2023

    Class Size: Limit of 30


    Book: Let Us Pray by Watchman Nee

    Prayers are meant to be answered. If we rarely see such answers, it is easy to become discouraged, to begin to pray religiously with no expectation of seeing an answer, and to eventually stop praying altogether. This has been the experience of too many Christians. In his book Let Us Pray, Watchman Nee brings us back to the kind of prayer that God answers. Each student is expected to obtain a copy of the book. It is available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle form HERE, and as a free PDF file HERE.


    Syllabus (Week by Week):

    1. Introductions, Goals, Class requirements, Homework blog, Questions

    2. Chapter 1

    3. Chapter 2

    4. Chapter 3

    5. Chapter 4

    6. Chapter 5

    7. Chapter 6

    8. Chapter 7


    • This class attempts explore the rich treasury of truth and spiritual experience in the writings of those who have run the Christian race before us, with the goal of seeing what the authors saw and experiencing what the authors experienced. Thus, our own personal Christian lives will be uplifted and enlarged to love the Lord more and to become a greater blessing to those around us.


    • Most of the class time will be used for mutual discussion, led by the instructor, over the week’s reading assignment. Everyone should come on time with their Zoom cameras turned on, prepared to speak up and volunteer something profitable. Students who do not volunteer will be called on. No one will be left out.


    • Reading: Each student is expected to read the assigned chapters and attend class ready to discuss the material.
    • Praying: Each student is encouraged (1) to have a regular time of personal prayer, (2) to attend your church's corporate prayer meeting, and (3) to fellowship with the class when you see an answer to your prayer for our mutual encouragement. We want to practice what we read so that our prayer life can be uplifted.
    • Blog Post: Each student will post something weekly about that week’s reading assignment on the class blog located on this site. Posts could be about what you especially enjoyed, how something changed in your understanding, how you applied or experienced something from the book, or questions where you need clarification. 
      • Be specific. Do not post something general like, “I really liked it."

      • Please include page and chapter numbers in each post so that others can find what you are writing about. 

      • Feel free to read other’s posts, and if inspired, give an encouraging reply or a thoughtful answer to a question.

      • All posts should be kept positive to maintain an atmosphere in which everyone can participate. The blog is intended to become an avenue of edifying fellowship among us.

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